We came together to spread the word to our transgender Brothers and Sisters in Facebook and YouTube, please look.

Bonnie Dee 

Jimme LeGette 

Christian Gemignani 

Rajee Rajindra Narinesingh 

Lauren Autrey 

Nevaeh Rivera 

Ella Marques 

Our Mission

Trans-Gurus mission is to Spread the word to our transgender Brothers and Sisters, without boundaries.

Our Vision

Trans-Gurus is social group using social media such as YouTube and Facebook to connect to the international transgender community, with our brothers and sisters, in order to share stories, experiences and give support

Our Values

  • Integrity - Be real and honest

  • Diversion and inclusion - Respect all people and bring them together for success

  • Passion and commitment - In all we do, through leadership and courage, for a better and brighter future.

  • Innovation - invest in developing new ideas and communication to effectively improve the quality of the community

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