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Transgender books

This page is reserved to transgender authors friends of Ella.



Ashley T Brundage is a well respected speaker, educator, and corporate diversity leader. Ashley’s bio is located in the about page. For more info on Ashley or her book, Empowering Differences, please contact her directly at For the latest updates and information on Ms Brundage, her current engagements and other community events, connect with her social media sites listed here.


Rajee Rajindra Narinesingh 


You can never see yourself as the world does. No matter how many mirrors you look into, you won't see what everyone else does. Beyond Face Value is not just a lesson Rajée had to learn, but it is an ethos she now lives her life by. Have you ever believed you were destined for a path that was totally different from where you started, or felt that life was directing you against the normal, the expected and the accepted, and that every challenge you faced was due to a higher power guiding you to a greater place? Rajée's story is both inspiring and devastating in equal measure. 


Barbara Marie Minney


My first collection of poetry entitled “If There’s No Heaven” was the winner of the 2020 Poetry Is Life Book Award and was published in May by Poetry Is Life Publishing. The poems in the book are largely autobiographical and chronicle the first two years of my life living as the woman I now know I was always meant to be. I bring a unique perspective, since I did not transition until I was sixty-three years old after repressing my true gender identity for over sixty years. The poetry is raw, accessible, and authentic and displays my strength, honesty, vulnerability, hope, and triumph at finally leaving as my true self. It is only available for purchase through the publisher.


Malikah Harris


Malikah R. Harris, born and raised in Newark, New Jersey is an author, writer, producer, director, vocalist, comedian, and a motivational speaker, who started her career in writing as a blogger and for magazines. She has written everything from positive quotes to historical events. Her style of writing became a hit within the public eye because of her poetic play on words.


After moving to Orlando, Florida and landing a role in The Festival of the Lion King Show at Disney World, Malikah ended up co-writing a musical entitled “Blood Sisters”. This musical has gone on to grace stages such as The Fringe Festival, and Recording Artist, Kem's, Democratic National Convention Concert in 2012. Blood Sisters, the Musical” has also inspired the story behind “Generational Curses”. Even though the novel is fictional the reality behind the storyline is so real.


 Malikah currently lives in Suffolk, Virginia where she is the CEO of her Entertainment Company: Mother Earth Productions LLC. She is becoming working on her other books including WO-MAN The Power of Non- Disclosure. Also a major philanthropist as she has always had the heart to give back to the community.

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