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Ella Marques

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Ella Marques is an American trans author, born in Portugal in 1956 as a man. She went to Le Rosey a Boarding school in Switzerland, Studied Mechanical Engineering in London. She spent a large time of her life in Switzerland where she had a very good business career and made her MBA, She lived as well in Paris and sometime in Brazil.

Ella traveled all her life, She is a real Transgender Globetrotter, has been in many countries in most continents and speaks seven languages.

Now she lives in south Florida, where she finally took the courage and transitioned from Male to Female (MTF), her real self. She started to write, she is very active with the transgender community, and stopped living in denial of herself.
Please support her, the transgender community, and transgender kids. We are people too.


She wrote three LGBT books:

“I was born a boy from Venus” is my biography, stories about the great life experiences I had, about the struggles I went through, and about the beginnings of my transition.

“Coming home to Venus” is about my transition, from the first steps up to gender reassignment surgery. What happened, the changes I went through, lessons learned, changes in to my environment.

"Eva's world", my Third Book is a novel, the story of Eva, an hard working international traveling pansexual transgender woman, her life, her travels, her lovers and mostly her friends Linda, Olympia and Victoria. Two are transgender.

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Please buy my books at Amazon and don't forget to leave a review.


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